Passionate Software Engineer and Creator leveraging technology to solve problems and create innovative solutions.

Drawing from a wealth of experience spanning over four years, I have diligently refined my software development skills and remain dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest technological advancements, while continuously enhancing my expertise. Presently, I find peace and love in working with Vue.js, Javascript, Node.js, and MongoDB, which rank among my preferred technologies.

I have previously worked with awesome companies like UsefulPDF, Attenvo and Grais Design while also doing significant volunteer work for Google, Microsoft, and Andela Learning Community.

Currently, I actively freelance while building my company over at Looped Reality.

Products 🚀

I've had the opportunity to use a wide variety of web and mobile apps across different industries and verticals. As a fun and exciting experience, I design and build a few of my own every now and then.


Simple, fast and minimal way to extract colours from images.


Create meaningful and impactful shortlinks for free with a fast and user-friendly service.


Turn your XD, Sketch and Figma files to pixel perfect HTML/CSS/JS code in record time.



I take out time to share a bit of what I know with the rest of the world in the form of technical articles

Interested in collaborating with me?

I'm always open to discussing product ideas and crafting awesomeness

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